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Whiffle Wonder Parrot Toy Four wonderful whiffle balls for Parrots to forage in. This colourful Whiffle Wonder Parrot Toy has plastic whiffle balls, chewable wood and other fun shapes knotted onto lengths of sisal rope, so plenty to entertain a Parrot with. You can watch as your Parrot untie the knots in the sisal rope or use the exposed strands for preening on. Providing preening material can help to reduces overpreening and other destructive behaviours. Tied onto the sisal rope are plastic flower, beads and stars for Parrots to have fun removing. The bright colours of this toy are designed to appeal to a Parrot’s curious nature. Resting on the whiffle balls are coloured wood disks that when chewed, help to keep a Parrot’s beak healthy and trim. You can hide food, treats or other materials inside the plastic wihffle balls and then watch as your Parrot enjoys retrieving them using their natural foraging skills. The balls move and spin as the Parrot grabs them, creating an even more fun challenge. Use the pear link provided to securely and quickly fasten this Whiffle Wonder Parrot Toy to a bird’s cage or play gym stand.

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